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Didn't get a stimulus check? We can help you.

Fill out our contact form today to find out how.

Make sure to double check how much you've received and when.

We need this information in order to make sure you get the proper amount from the IRS. It is against the law to lie about the amount of stimulus money you have received on your tax returns. You will be liable for any fraudulent amounts you receive. Please fill out the form for more information on how much you should have received.


In order to receive stimulus money, we will have to file your taxes.

The stimulus checks sent by the government can still be deposited into your bank by filing your 2020 and/or 2021 tax returns. The way we help you get your stimulus money is by filing both or one of those years' tax returns. If you already filed one or both of them, please contact us so we can help you amend returns for the stimulus money.

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